Website Patch Notes


– uploads contents
– combing through contents from company profile


– Wp_Maintainance Plugin installed
– DNS switched back on
– Added in sub section menus and side bars
– Added in new Pages for sections under name
– “Home Page”
– “Engineering”
– “Procurement”
– “Constrution”
– “The Team”
– “Our Client””


– Adding Social Network links:
-clients asked for Linkedin and Twitter, did not provide links.
– No image from gallery provided yet
– The new 2017/09 profile still shows the same ABOUT Protecton quote.
– Outer Side bar updated.


– Engineering Section, filling in information
– regarding the notes from Client: “-Services: Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Under each all three there should show work done based on each individually (E, P, C).” –Do not understand/ No clear information provided.
– Updated Table of Work from 2017 profile PDF.
– Construction Section, filling in Information
– Set Column adjustment to 1/5
– 5 em per segment.
– Procurement section setup
– Creating Procurement in Client Group using Client/Style1
– Adding Logo in each new Client Page.
– Set Procurement Client to 9 post per 3 column.
– Added custorm CSS “.page_content_wrap {padding: 0em;}’ to remove upper header empty space.
– Home Page, backed up v1.0
– Home Page, added in new copy from Company profile 2017/09
– Home Page, Removed all other infos except Image Gallery
– The Team Page, Removed the rest of the team and left with Alastair and Tobias


– Received images from Fransisca via Dropbox
– Uploaded all images to Media Folder
– Created New media folder under slug “installation_images”
– Added 2 new procurement logos
– Uploaded Client’s logos
– Failed to load plugin: paste from url


– New Homepage layout
– removed all other elements
– Using Revolution slider as complete homepage set up.
– added Homepage_Quote for testimonial setup


– Added Gallery Post/Page
– Using Media Grid and Text box to add Bulk images to gallery page.
– Added custom CSS setting to hide pagination slider controls.
– updated Main menu header with Gallery
– reconfigured homepage slider.
– update Procurement Sector logos
– updated Clients section with all logos set in coloumn.
– Fixing The Team section, updating info.
– removed irrelevent members from Team Group.
– setting up 3 variants of team display.
– Removing TOC tags “<a href=”#toc_consultingservices”><span style=”color: #fff;”>Read More</span></a>” from HomePage.
– Updated Text info in Outer bar and Side Bar.
– Updated Po box Adress with correct symbols from demo.html

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