Engineering Professional Services

Contract Administration

Protecton systematically selects, executes, and analyses construction contracts for the maximizing purpose of financial and operational performance and minimizing risks for clients, in the endeavor to develop electrical engineering infrastructure. Associated services are: advisory, feasibility studies, and proposal preparation and/ or evaluation.

Project Management

As Project Managers, Protecton simultaneously manages the four elements of a project: resources, time, cost and scope. Protecton has successfully managed the construction services for new built substations extensions, overhead lines, underground cables, electrification, buildings and renewable energy projects.

Electrical Power System Engineering

As electrical engineers, Protecton offers engineering design services for determining equipment sizing, protection schemes, master plans, load forecast, network modeling (load flow, stability, harmonic analysis, filter sizing, reactive power control) and earthing systems.

Commissioning and Testing

Protecton tests and commissions insulation materials, cables, power transformers, instrument transformers, reactors, capacitor banks, switchgear and secondary systems such as relays and IEDs.